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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Obama lied to gun owners; Attorney General Holder a 'gun grabber'

H/T: Keep And Bear Arms

Those of us "gunnies" that told you BHO couldn't be trusted are at again. Of course, we now have his actions to counter act his words.

"They" called us "paranoid" and accused us of "clinging" to our guns and religion. What part of "From our cold dead hands" do they not understand?

Those of us that are Christian will cling to the Cross of Jesus. The rest of us will cling to our weapons, too.

CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, reacting to Thursday's remarks by Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder that the president will seek to reinstate the ban on semi-automatic firearms, said Obama "knew he was lying to the nation because his own web site touted his plan to revive the gun ban and make it permanent."


"While Holder had no problem having many Americans murdered by federal law enforcement, his heart bleeds for terrorists and enemies who have been captured on the battlefield," said Baker.

"The only thing he learned from the brutality in Waco is that it would have been easier if the occupants of that compound were disarmed prior to the military-style operation," he added. (Emphasis added - Gene)

God Have Mercy On Us All !

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