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Saturday, March 14, 2009

H/T: Stand Firm In Faith

  1. Over at Stand Firm, they report that the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina is demonstrating their historic autonomy in a rather kind and gentle way. Perhaps they are too subtle for the 815 crowd and Princess Moonbeam.

    In short, it looks like they are declaring: We were here before you showed up and if you don't straighten up and behave we'll be here when you're gone. At least Mom would have phrased it kinda of like that. ;- No smile. Straight face. Just that LOOK.
  2. Furthermore, Titus OneNine reports that DioSC also had this to say when they passed:
    A Resolution Requesting Withholding of Consent from the Episcopal Election in Northern Michigan

"Back story" - The Episcopal Diocese of Northern Michigan has presented one candidate for election to the bishopric. OK. The gentleman is an avowed and openly practicing Buddhist in addition to being an ordained Episcopal priest. Not so OK.

TEo has been permitting, nay, encouraging "innovations" in theology for the last four decades or so. They've had Trinity deniers, spiritualists, Muslims, worshipers of the "divine feminine" for lay leaders, priests and bishops.

Certainly not all, or perhaps most, Episcopalians are heretics. Most certainly a significant vocal portion of their leadership IS. Starting with their Presiding Bishop. These pisskie laity, priests and bishops have not been "defenders" of the faith of Jesus Christ. No wonder their congregations are steadily shrinking as the renounce all that is Christ. No wonder the number of Anglican churches in America is growing while the Episcopal brand is dying.

In my mind, there is a wee conflict here. If Northern Michigan wants this guy, let them have him. They wanted him, they get him. OTOH, as a former pisskie, I would not want this guy in the diocese next door or anywhere in my church.

The latter attitude is what I think the DioSC is telling the national organization.

The first item mentioned, the one from Stand Firm, I believe adds "muscle" to the second. DioSC pre-dates the formation of the Episcopal organization in this country. Since they voluntarily joined the organization, so many years ago, they can voluntarily leave it!

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