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Saturday, March 14, 2009

H/T: WorldNetDaily

Here's a thought to get every parent's, and grandparent's, blood pumping at high volume.

Seems like someone finally woke up at Homeland Security and learned a lesson from the Israelis. They've been facing terrorists for over 60 years. They've been through the school massacre's and bus massacres and . . . ever since they opened their country's doors for business in May of '48.

Why have we taken so long?

School buses can be vulnerable to a potential attacker, but are often overlooked in a school district's security plan.

And homes, churches, offices, playgrounds, markets/stores, shopping centers, and . . .

Be alert. If you can legally carry a handgun in your jurisdiction:
  • GET one
  • LEARN how to use it safely
  • And then CARRY it everywhere you can legally. Home, church, shopping, wherever your jurisdiction "permits" you to carry it. Period.


God Bless Ya'll !

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