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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is a Cell Phone Your Only Phone?

H/T: Fox News

Fox carried this interesting, to me, story concerning the number of households that do not have a wired telephone, a "land line", but rely on cell phones for all of their voice communications.

The reason I'm interested in this item is: That's exactly what we did this last year. I haven't missed my land line, yet.

Then, Keep And Bear Arms carried an article about "ring no answer" at 911.

If a call to 911 were a "hang-up", it might actually, and legitimately, take a "while" for a response. A hang-up call is one where 911 is called and is either disconnected immediately or does not, or can not, communicate with the dispatcher. General policy is to dispatch a police unit when one becomes available.

SWMBO! and were certainly aware of the 911 problem/feature when we converted to cell-only. I've been employed in and around the land line industry for more than 30 years and was made aware of the cell phone disadvantage long before there were cell phones. We both continue to operate amateur radio mobile installations. We used to utilize them to request emergency services before the 911 system was implemented in our area. In other words, if you couldn't communicate your location and need, accurately, you were "toast".

With any mobile communications, there is no embedded technology that firmly ties your location in space to your phone number. Certainly GPS and triangulation can help if, and when, available.

In a wide spread emergency, disaster/whatever, your only reliable resource is you. You and you alone are responsible for getting yourself out of trouble. It may require summoning outside aid. Be prepared to assist as much as possible. Be alert.

God Bless Ya'll !

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