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Sunday, March 08, 2009

'No One Can Fathom a Motive': Pastor Shot During Service

H/T: ABC News

It looks to me like Obama left Illinois too soon. By about six weeks.

According to the ABC news article referenced in the title, Obama is needed back home to pass another gun control law.

Their current ones aren't working. Of course, next to places like DC, Chicago and such, they have some of the more restrictive gun laws in the nation. For example, they don't even "allow" concealed carry of a handgun by honest citizens. The state and its legislators don't trust the honest people with the ability to defend their own lives.

First Baptist, Maryville, Illinois, is now beginning their search for another pastor. They didn't know they were going to start their search until this morning when an as-yet-unidentified shooter walked in and opened fire on the Pastor Winters - in his pulpit.

The Rev. Fred Winters was at the pulpit at the First Baptist Church in Maryville, Ill. at 8:15 a.m. local time when a man "walked down the aisle of the church," approached the pulpit and shot Winters in the chest with a .45 caliber handgun . . .

I read somewhere recently, I wish I knew where, that monsters walk this land disguised in human form. Maybe the shooter will claim he heard "voices" telling him to do this, maybe he will tell us the "reasoning" behind his actions - if he lives long enough. It does not matter his "reason", read EXCUSE. He did it before numerous witnesses. Any questions?

Like the old ad for Pace's hot sauce says: "Get a rope!" ;>)

No, I do not condone violence by vigilantes. I do appreciate JUSTICE.

Where was God when all this happened? I think Nate Adams has it at least partially correct:

Nate Adams, the executive director of the Illinois Baptist State Association, where Winters was a former president, released a statement asking for people to pray for the community.

"Our great God is not surprised by this, or anything," Adams said. "That He allows evil and free will to have their way in tragedies like this is a mystery in many ways. But we know we can trust Him no matter what, and draw close to Him in any circumstances. Let's draw closer to Him and to one another during this terrible tragedy, and renew our faith and obedience to His purposes for however many days we have remaining to serve Him."
[Emphasis added - Gene]

Our God is still in control. The why of His tolerance for this behavior can only be explained by acknowledging the presence of free will and sin in the world. Not just in the world but in OUR VERY LIVES.

Banning the instruments of our defense because someone misuses one of them is stupid. I doubt the first shot could have been prevented. Too many of us are just not aware of our environment to foresee this guys actions in church. Once he fired the first shot, where was the "return fire"? In this case, the congregants were literally the "cannon fodder" needed to take this guy down. None of them legally possessed the wherewith all to stop the shooting from any safe distance. They courageously sacrificed their safety and well-being to stop further bloodshed.

But surely monsters walk among us - in human form. Even Obama and the gun-control "elite" should recognize this fact. In fact, the gun-control "elite" are aiding and abetting these monstrosities.

God Bless Ya'll !

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