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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama lies: "I'm all for the Second Amendment."

H/T: Keep And Bear Arms

Yep, dear gentle reader. The Dear Leader LIED to us. Oh horrors! hehe

Obama told us everything we wanted to hear except the truth. Those that looked at his actions versus his words discerned something amiss.

" . . . gunsmithing will become a rocket growth career, just like auto repairs skyrocket when new car sales slump!"

Gunsmithing, cottage-industry firearm and propellant manufacturing and other"illegal" activities will blossom. After all, will the government "secure" all of the laid off former arms industry employees and un-related tool and die makers and . . . . just to secure the government's safety/hold on the population?

I really don't know. We know that kind of stunt has been tried before. Within the memory of some still living. Yes, I'm thinking of the Nazis, Fascists, Communists (Soviet and Chinese), . . . . . . .

What do you think?

God Bless Ya'll !

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