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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Obama’s Gun Ban List Is Out?

H/T: Keep And Bear Arms

Yesterday's Sign of a Domestic Terrorist post presaged today's. Today's news just confirms the deep chill running down my spine.

First, we have "Obama's Gun Ban List". Now, I followed the YouTube link and viewed Lou Dobbs, etc., discussing the general situation that we all know. I DID NOT FIND a link to any firearm list as published in InfoWars. I also did not find a source for Korwin's list other than the failed 2007 bill by Rep. McCarthy - D/NY. That doesn't eliminate sources other than the 'net and it wasn't an exhaustive search, either. OTOH, a quick look at GOA and NRA sites didn't show anything.

Is Korwin hyper-inflating? I really don't know. The truth will out, soon enough. What does seem to be cast in setting concrete is this: The gun-controllers are smelling blood. My question is: Who's blood will be spilt?

Do look closely at McCarthy's list. How many death-dealing weapons do you own? Do you really think registration will not lead to confiscation?

If anyone still thinks there's plenty of time to get ready, they're behind the eight ball. Check out the strictures on reloading materials (courtesy of KABA), the European response to Germany's strict, and failed, gun laws. As Europe goes, so goes the US.

Isn't that what the first American Revolution was all about? Getting rid of European meddling in American affairs? Why do we seek to emulate their failures?

God Bless Ya'll !

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