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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TX: Voter ID battle heads to Senate

H/T: Houston Chronicle

Texas may get this one right. There's still hope.

As I understand it, voting is:

  1. The responsibility of a Citizen. Too many of us skip this part as it is.
  2. A constitutional right of a Citizen.
  3. NOT an entitlement derived from mere presence in a geographical region or area.

In other words, CITIZENS, and Citizens only, should vote. If you are not a Citizen then you have two responsibilities:

  1. Correct your "disability" if you choose and
  2. Vote your conscience if and when you become eligible to vote.

According to the Chron:

Texas allows the state’s 13.5 million registered voters to cast ballots by either presenting a registration card or a driver’s license to poll workers. The proposed law would require voters to present specified photo identification or other documents* to prove their identity before voting and it would not apply to people who mail in early votes.

OK, we're already required to present some kind of proof that we have the right to vote when we enter the polling place. Anybody complaining, yet?

Now, our legislators want us to prove, by "photo identification or other documentation", who we are is who we say we are? Is there a real problem with this?

Sure, I can come up with my own scenarios where someone, temporarily homeless due to house fire, etc., is denied the vote. OK. Stuff happens. OTOH, I suspect most of the complaints may come from those who never bothered to obtain the "photo identification or other documentation" required under this proposal. Perhaps an "off-grid" type. A hermit or an anarchist? Who knows. If they choose to not obey a just law, the forfeit their right to complain or vote.

Will this law be abused? Certainly! People, by nature, skirt/bend/break laws. God's Law. Man's Law. Their Own Law. It just doesn't matter. Will this law be "strengthened" into a abuse of justice? Possibly. Thomas Jefferson told us: "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." That fact of freedom will never change.

What provides for the greater good of the community? A just law working to lessen voting fraud and secure the blessings of good government is needed. If we can keep it.

God Bless Ya'll !

* From the Chron's side bar:


What the Texas bill would require for voting in person:
• Photo ID: State or federal photo identification, including a valid driver’s license; military identification; passport; concealed handgun license**.

• Alternative proof: Current utility bills; bank statements; government checks; paychecks; certified birth certificate; U.S. citizenship papers; library card; hunting or fishing licenses.

• Provisional ballot: A person without the above could cast a provisional ballot by signing an affidavit.

** Concealed Handgun License! No, that does not mean guns would be allowed on the premises. That's already illegal! What it does mean is the bearer is known to be:

  • Not convicted of a felony or certain misdemeanors and
  • More likely to obey the multitude of laws of the society we live in and
  • Cleared by a Texas Department of Public Safety and Federal Bureau of Investigation background check and is not behind on his/her child support or taxes and a legal resident!

Have you ever been secure in the knowledge that the guy/gal standing next to you in line was a certified law-abiding citizen?

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