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Friday, March 20, 2009

What would Thomas Paine say?

H/T: A Trusted Friend

I received this just this morning:

"The government cannot give anything to anyone
that it does not first take from someone else."

What would Thomas Paine say?

Here is a great video put together and posted on YouTube called 'We the People stimulus package' and it is a commentary on the issues of today. However, it's written and delivered as if it were founding father Thomas Paine’s reaction to the events of today.

Watch it all. You don't have to fully agree with "Thomas Paine". I do.

In fact, I fully agree with "Mr. Paine." Including the universal service component. Yesterday I posted in opposition to Obama's version of compulsory service. Go back and read it if you need a refresher. Brown Shirts and Hitler Youth come to my mind when I read his proposals.

Universal service adapted to the physical capabilities of every young adult should be instituted here. If we had such in the late '60s when I left high school, I certainly would not have qualified for military service. Something else would have been required and do-able. Certain civil service would have worked in my case. As it was, I went to college for a while and then on to technical school where I learned my profession.

BTW, I was born with visible and moderate (INMNSHO) physical deformities that prevented inclusion in the military. Now, as I age, it's the invisible "disabilities" that really get to me! hehe

While we're at it, I support UNIVERSAL service (military or civil) to this country by all young adults. No exceptions other than physical or mental inability. In my mind, the penalty for dodging (ducking, not disability!) would be loss of the vote. You serve, you vote. You choose to not serve, you choose to not have a say in the way this city, county, state, country is run. Non-serving individuals retain all other rights of citizenship. They just can not have a say in government. Or work in the government in any capacity. THAT would be reserved for those that served.

God Bless Ya'll !

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