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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why I Hate "Hate-Crimes" Legislation

H/T: Loyal To Liberty

First of all, to those of us that are "challenged" by non-English languages (including myself), the "Old Spanish Proverb" means something like "Under my cape I kill the king" according to my Google search. In other words, look over "there" while I stick it to you over here!

I guess Keyes is going to have to be prosecuted for using the word "hate" so many times in his article. ;>) He is absolutely correct in his "hate" of so-called hate crime legislation. All it does is create special classes of victims, removing the whole concept of equal treatment under the law.

Once again children, murder, battery, assault, rape, etc. are already illegal. If our current laws are ineffective against criminal behavior, what makes us think writing more useless words are going to work?

In one respect, hate crimes legislation defies the age-old logic of punishment. Webster's defines hate as "intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury." In the past, people generally regarded intense passion as a mitigating factor in the commission of a crime, though usually not sufficient simply to exonerate the person responsible.


Ironically, their penchant for hate crimes legislation seems intent on revisiting the mentality of the medieval statutes that enabled the Inquisition- laws that insisted on states of mind that satisfied a standard of purity in the understanding and observance of sacred ideas, people and things. Much like the special penalties imposed by some religions for mistreatment of sacred groups of people or animals, the proponents of "hate crimes" legislation deal in special classes of people against whom criminal acts are somehow more grievous and offensive.


If someone has bad judgment enough to hate me, I say let them do so, so long as it never produces an action otherwise against the law. When and if it does, they should be subject to the same punishment that I or anyone else would suffer for the same act, with nothing added or taken away because of their putative beliefs or feelings about me.

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