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Thursday, April 16, 2009

ABC Ignores Evidence Guns Useful in Confronting Criminals

H/T: Keep And Bear Arms

ABC aired their smear of concealed carry of a firearm piece, "If I Only Had a Gun", Friday night while we were in Church. It was Good Friday, after all. Well, we still got the message ABC didn't want the Christians to hear: We recorded the show. Aren't DVRs great?! hehe

The spots aired before the show were suspicious. Of course, one doesn't look to ABC, much less Dianne Sawyer, for truthful or straight reporting. Even the spots were very biased!

Sawyer informed viewers: "Our training is already more than almost half the states in the country require to carry a concealed weapon."

That wasn't training. What they got was a tiny bit of eduction - barely sufficient to pass a state concealed handgun test - maybe.

You and I passed our state drivers license test. We were not trained by the state. Someone else did the training. See the difference? Qualifying for a license is not to be considered training. In fact, a license is normally considered a license to learn.

Anyway, you noticed their "average Joes" weren't concealed handgun licensees? None of them. They appeared to be universally young and terribly ignorant of the subject of responsible gun handling. Even their so-called "expert" who claimed to us Air-Soft pistols extensively.

Why do I have my hackles up over this fluff-piece? For one thing, it promotes a lie. A pervasive lie that supports an agenda of disarmament and enslavement of the population to the ruling criminal element.

ABC did the US a disservice in airing this piece. They did not tell the whole story.

God Bless Ya'll !

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