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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Don't Tell Me - Show Me!

H/T: USCCA Email 4/22/09

Here's a thought I "stole" from Tim Schmidt's quote of someone on their forum:
"I gave up explaining why I have a semi-auto rifle (or handgun) a long time ago.

I open my calendar, extract a business card and suggest we make a date. I state "I'll show you. I'll even let you try it for yourself". About 70% of the time it works and the offer is accepted.

On the date I bring extra hearing and eye protection, targets, ammo and a couple guns. I give a friendly briefing on gun safety, range safety and range procedures. I offer to let them go first--stating emphatically that "it doesn't hurt".

After a few rounds I usually see a big smile.

I tell them to "let 'er rip", "go ahead, shoot it FAST". Most do; the smile becomes a wild-eyed, ear to ear grin and often a verbal expression like "Oh, Yeah!!!" escapes, uncontrollably from their lips. Occasionally there is a squeal- something like "these are fun!"

I just figure it's more effective to show somebody than to climb up on the 2nd Amendment soapbox and pontificate..."

An excellent idea. Let's replicate it in our dealings with the uninformed and antis. For the record: I am a "suspect" as far as USCCA is concerned. I'm on USCCA's emailing list - voluntarily! I am not a member - yet.

God Bless Ya'll !

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