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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MS - Food for Thought - Mens Shooting Fellowship

First of all:

A new correspondent, Warren Mueller of Pass Christian, MS wrote to me the following. I quote:
If you would like to write a post that would be great. I believe men's fellowship groups have to be about three things: fun, fellowship/spiritual growth, and service to the church and community.

For the fun part I was thinking of pulling in the target shooting as a sport idea. I have a theory that many/most men have a fascination with guns even if they have never held or shot one. It just taps something deep inside from our old hunter/provider days that modern culture hasn't yet stamped out of us.

We have a nice indoor range about 30 miles away that I shoot handguns at and then there is an outdoor pistol, rifle, skeet/sporting clays range about 60 miles away. We had two police ranges real close by but for some reason the FBI won't let the public on them anymore (even the police can't/won't anwser (sic) the obvious question of "why").

So, if anyone has tried this or something similar to it, I am interested in hearing about it. Thanks for all your links, most of them I have not seen before.

Warren Mueller
Traditional, Conservative & Orthodox
Trinity Church Pass Christian, MS
(Some info removed as unrelated to this post.)

Warren's email address is deaconsailorman (AT) hotmail (DOT) com

If you're in the Pass Christian vicinity, contact him directly at the above email and ya'll work out the details.

God Bless Ya'll !

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