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Monday, April 20, 2009

Remembering Columbine

H/T: Bayou Renaissance Man

Along about this time of year, we commemorate several anniversaries:

Sorted in the order I consider important, these are just the ones I can remember off-hand.

Then, Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man reminded us of the lessons to be learned from Columbine and such.
There are all sorts of commemorative articles, programs and news items popping up about this event. I don't propose to quote them here: those interested may find them with a quick Internet search. However, I'd like to reflect on the most important lesson of Columbine - one that's been tragically repeated in many school shootings since then.

That lesson is simply this: if you disarm those at risk of such attacks, you make them victims. You hand them to their killers on a plate.


Terrorists and mass murderers are cowards. They prefer targets that don't shoot back.

Here in the US, people still wring their hands, blame the instrument (the gun) instead of the perpetrator, and are blind to reality. Result: we go on having school shootings.

I repeat: to disarm those at risk of attack is to render them nothing more than helpless victims. That's the true lesson of Columbine.

(Emphasis included in the original - Gene)

Our would-be leaders want to disarm We the People of our ability to respond to attacks. In fact, it is not from the attacks of criminals that they want to disarm us. They want us defenseless when they, the would-be leaders, come for us. They're like the slavers of old: Defenseless victims mean more profits for them. "Terrorists and mass murderers are cowards. They prefer targets that don't shoot back."

God Bless Ya'll !

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