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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Zimbabwe in America's Future?

Alan Keyes takes no prisoners in yesterday's post. He correctly, IMNSHO, "tells it like it is". In other words, he calls a "spade a spade".

Unfortunately, this time the "spade" is our spade.
From ancient times (see for example Book VIII of Plato's Republic) pure democracy has been identified as perhaps the most unstable form of government. It's like a radioactive element with a short half-life fated to break down speedily into its next form. Under the influence of demagogues pure democracy declines to mob rule which feeds such a collapse of order and security that people literally beg for the iron hand of tyranny to rescue them from calamity.


Can we see his politically motivated orgy of debt financed spending as the demagogue's destructive disregard for the real well being of the nation? Can we see in his bid for dictatorial control of the economic sector preparation for the disastrous subordination of economic sense to political ambition? Though he is not alone in doing so (his sold-out Democrat and Republican colleagues share in his actions) will his calculated acts of "creative destruction" turn the once flourishing strength of the American people into a wrecked and timorous shadow of its former self?

Any more bright ideas from our elected elite?

God Bless Ya'll !

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