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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Belts and Suspenders

I'm a kind of belt and suspenders kind of guy. I use both for the "load" I care daily. I carry a lot of weight around my middle, in addition to the "done lopped over" load. The belt provides the attachment points to both pants and the load. The suspenders do their suspension thing to the pants.

Today, I want to mention a "new" style of suspenders I first read about on a gun forum quite some time back. They are different from any kind I've ever heard of.

What's so special about Perry's product that I feel I must bore you with the details?

I'm so glad you asked!

Perry suspenders attach to your belt, not the pants. That means:
  • They directly support the belt which is carrying to load.
  • They use a hard-plastic J-clip to hook under the belt It does not seem to mar the belt in any way I can see.
  • They don't use a sharp claw to tear the pants material.
  • They don't pull the pants up while the belt, plus it's load, pull downward.
  • They don't tear up the belt, like the others I've tried, when the claw slips around and rubs against the belt.
You can find cheaper, well-made suspenders. I've been buying mine from the big-box lumber-hardware-home decorating-appliance stores for several years. Including the "standard" rainbow design favored by ego-centric nuts. Not that I'd ever buy rainbow suspenders! hehe

I found one thing to complain out. The Perry suspenders I have tend to occasionally slip off the belt while I'm getting dressed. Never has occurred while they're in use. Therefore, they retain Gene The Aggie's stamp of approval.

And no, I don't have any ties to the outfit other than being a satisfied customer.

Unsolicited. Uncompensated.

God Bless Ya'll !

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1 comment:

The Midland Agrarian said...

They are the best suspenders ever. Mine are a decade old, and still holding up my pants. When I carry open on the farm, its generally a full sized 357 or a single six 22 magnum. the suspenders make this much more comfortable.

God bless you!


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