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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Do You Have a Line in the Sand?

H/T: War On Guns

David Codrea 'usses and discusses just how far each of us can be pushed.

What's your Line in the Sand?

Just so we're singing from the same songbook:

The phrase is also attributed to Col William Travis, commander of the Alamo defense forces. On March 3 [or 4th or 5th] 1836, when the Alamo was surrounded by Mexican General Santa Anna, a messenger bearing a letter of surrender was sent from Santa Anna to Travis. Col Travis called all the Alamo defenders together and read the letter of surrender. Legend indicates Col Travis then pulled his battle sword, drew a line in the sand of the Alamo, and asked for volunteers to cross over the line and join him. All but 1 of the 200+ defenders (including Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett) joined Travis on his side of the line. Travis then responded to Santa Anna's letter with cannon fire.

What is your Line in the Sand?

Have you been pushed over it, yet?

Heck! Have you even drawn your Line in the Sand?

In my experience, we each draw various Lines in the Sand throughout our lives.

As a "fer instance": SWMBO! and I drew one three years ago when we realized our pastor was controlled by one person's self-described phobic "fear of guns". He insisted on her phobia being the controlling factor of whether or not his congregation could carry legally concealed weapons in church. As we figured it, his church, his rules. He refused to post the legally required signs notifying everybody else of his opinion. We helped him out by spreading the word for him.

As Codrea puts it:

Would you disobey a law dictating you must use a certain restroom or water fountain, or sit in a certain section of a bus, because your race?

Or, would you disobey a law requiring you strip naked when shopping at the grocery store or flying commercially?


Well, have you?

Drawn your Line in the Sand, that is?

God Bless Ya'll !

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