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Friday, May 08, 2009

"Extremist" Bumper Stickers?

H/T: World Net Daily

I guess the flag at right is now considered officially "extremist". Funny thing, my ancestors were "extremists", at least to a certain extent.

According to my late Dad's genealogical research, we had direct lineal ancestors involved in every major U.S. action from 1776 to the end of "that late unpleasantness" euphemistically called the Civil War. There was nothing "civil" about. I prefer to refer to it as the "War of Northern Aggression". And no, as far as Dad, or I know, our family never did have slaves.

My ancestors fought in the American Revolution, the Texas Revolution and the War of Northern Aggression. Somehow they missed out on the war with Mexico, with Spain and the World Wars of the 20th century. I was not able to serve in 'Nam - physically. Dad was in a critical occupation for both WWII and Korea. His dad was in a similar critical occupation, I'm told, for WWI.

In other words, my family served under these flags. If not under them, then our people served America within the same conflict.

BTW, the last two flags may not be as familiar as the first three. The fourth flag flew over Gonzales, Texas when, in 1836, the residents refused to surrender cannon the Mexican government had given them for protection from the Indians. Gun control.

The final flag flew over Goliad, Texas in defiance of that same tyrannical government.

God Bless Ya'll !

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