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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

"How SAFE are your guns..?"


I'm on these guys emailing list because they publish some useful information.

This is from their recent mail out:

May 5th, 2009

"How SAFE are your guns..?"

Dear Gene,

Most of our houses are "secure", so long as nobody wants to get in.

Most of us just turn a lock on our door handles each night. Some of us turn a dead-bolt as well. Some might pat their dogs on the head a few times too. A select few of us might even activate some kind of electronic alarm system.

None of these things will stop someone from getting in (if they really want to), but hopefully they will at least make the process of entering noisy enough to give you enough warning time to already have your family safe and secure, have the cops on the way, and have a gun or two ready.

But what about when you leave during the day? When your house is empty, the only value door locks really have is to let you know if someone has helped themselves to all your stuff or not.

See what I mean? You might as well leave your door open- because if someone wants in bad enough, they are getting in.

But, there IS something we can do to protect our valuables (and guns):

Buy and properly install a heavy-duty safe.

A criminal can break your window or scale to the second level easier than they can make an honest buck- but it's really hard to break into a good safe. You almost have to be a pro, and most criminals are not pros at anything.

I'm not saying don't even try to secure your house- because there is a lot of merit in making your home look like a 'hard target' (at least, a harder target than the neighbor's house!).

But... it would be incredibly inefficient to try to truly prevent a criminal from being able to physically enter your house.

It would be worth MUCH more of your time to just get a safe.

How cares if someone busts in while you're all gone and walks out with your TV, your surround-sound speakers, or your set of kitchen knives?

All that stuff is insignificant and easily replaceable.

Your exact guns are not replaceable though, and even if you don't care about those exact ones, the people they could damage in the hands of a criminal are certainly irreplaceable.

Friend, this is not a commercial for a gun-safe company. I wish it were- I wish I could just say "buy this safe because it's the best"... but I can't.

I don't know which one is the best.

All this is, is a friendly note to get you thinking about a solid gun safe if you haven't already.

Stay safe, (no pun intended!)

Tim Schmidt
USCCA - Owner / Founder

Or, as I always say: "Be Safe!"

God Bless Ya'll !

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