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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Immorality of Laws Regulating Technology

H/T: World Net Daily

WND's Phil Elmore has some very good thoughts concerning freedom and technology.

The problem with laws governing every aspect of commerce in, use of and ownership rights to a given piece of technology – from your cars, to your software, to your guns, to your phone, to your pocketknives, to your Internet service – is that quite often these laws constraining possession and operation of consumer technology are unconstitutional and immoral.


In a free society, governments are instituted voluntarily among human beings for one reason: to protect individual rights.


What all bad laws governing technology have in common is that they treat us all as criminals before the fact. The standard of law in a free society should not be the lowest common denominator. Law must recognize individual rights if is to protect them. If it does not, it becomes little more than the threat of force. It becomes a gun in the hand of a tyrant whose motivation is only power.

(Emphasis in the original. Hyper-text links removed - Gene)

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