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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Last Tuesday

Last Tuesday was a HOOT!

I got to introduce a young lady to the joys of pistolcraft!

Her dad approached me in order to introduce her to his 9mm. At the appointed time and place (Shiloh Indoor Shooting Range) near us, in NW Houston, we gathered to do the deed.

First up, the young lady: Dad had taught her gun safety with a 20 gauge and they learned that shotgunning did not seem to be her cup of tea. Being the smart Aggie that he is, they moved on. She wanted to learn to handle his 9mm!

Knowing this beforehand, we went over Col. Cooper's Four Rules of Gun Safety. She already knew them pretty well. We covered them again. Then she and I talked about what she wanted to accomplish and then set out to do that.

We started with a .22LR Ruger semi-automatic that I enjoy. She's not the first to be introduced to her new best friend by way of this piece. We went through the components of the weapon, sight picture and then on to live-fire. She was initially on-target and pretty safe. We worked on that. She listened, reiterated to my satisfaction and then performed the safety steps to my satisfaction.

We took frequent short breaks so she didn't tire or get bored. Then we stepped up to a K-frame S&W in .357 Mag. No, I didn't let her try a full-house round! We used .38 Spcl range ammo. No problems. After 3-4 cylinders, we moved on.

I was not familiar with her Dad's 9mm so he showed us the features on it. The safety is "backwards". "Safe/Decock" is down. Oh well. A teaching opportunity. Know your weapon! They're all different! Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction!


Dad had been shootin the 9mm while she and I were working up to it. Now I shot a couple of rounds - just for my own information, ya know! hehe

Then we let her try it. Result? Nice grin on her face. ;>)

Did I mention that she is 14?

Here is her list of accomplishments, as far as I know:
  • Started on the path to gun safety by Dad
  • Introduced to shotgunning. Does anyone want to try a home invasion? Not with those two around. I know, I know. Neither one is trained to "repel boarders". But they have started their path to increased knowledge.
  • Helped a bit further on that path by me.
  • She's now introduced to pistolering. Novice class. Raw. I do not trust her to walk behind me with a loaded gun in her hand - yet. She is on her way to that status.
One thing bothered me about this young lady. Every time I asked if she had any questions, she said "No". After a while, I understood. She was getting what I presented. She demonstrated that by her performance.

I'm proud of that young woman. I know her dad is.

God Bless Ya'll !

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