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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Obama's revealing body language (updated and expanded)

An American Thinker article about Obama'a body language caught my attention. Now I am not an expert on much of anything but I am learning to read others' body language as I grow older.

Recently I have followed, casually, certain news channels when they discuss some celebrity's body language. Usually the "news" piece claims that the individuals body is communicating "truth" while their bodies and lips lies.

My "experience", such as it is, has lately consisted of learning to read another's body language as they prepare to act contrary to their appearance and/or words. In other words, when approached by a stranger saying pretty words and/or trying to keep my attention away from their true intentions, watch what they DO.

It is my "considered" opinion that our socialist prez speaks with "forked tongue". As usual.

Look at the first image of BHO, Sergeant Crowley (the allegedly "racist" police officer BHO said is part of a "stupid" department and BHO's so-called "friend", Prof. Gates. WHO is behaving as Gates' "friend'. Certainly not the prez.

Then go on down to the last image and consider that prez. With all his faults, "W" evidently knows how to at least act friendly.

God Bless Ya'll !

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