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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Virtue and Courage – What America Could Use Now

H/T: Transfigurations

A history lesson that we, the people, need to relearn.

. . . America could use some leaders with the virtue and courage of Nathan Hale.

Yes. We could use some leaders with virtue and courage.

God Bless Ya'll !

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Second Amendment Today

H/T: Email from a new friend, CarolT

This is a MUST-SEE 20-something minute video explaining, again, the purpose and correct exposition of the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

It features the Founders and, significantly, former Texas state representative Suzanna Gratia-Hupp,

If you're a III*-per, you probably know ALL about all the points covered. Take a look/listen anyway. It will be YOU, and I, that stand face to face with the next person that just has not "gotten it" yet. MAYBE you or I can help them along the path to further "enlightenment".

As of this moment, I'm having trouble making the sound work on this embedded clip. Go here ( for the original post.

Many thanks to Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership ( and friend CarolT for making this available to us.

God Bless Ya'll !

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Are You Ready for a Swine Flu Epidemic?

H/T: Stand Firm In Faith

Greg Griffith over at SFiF presents an interesting CHRISTIAN approach to preparedness, not just for H1N1, etc. but for the various gotchas of life.

I think his attitude in life can summed up something like this:

Stuff happens!

BTW, just where do you think we got the phrase "Keep your powder dry"?

God Bless Ya'll !

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

TX: New Concealed Handgun Laws

H/T: Lone Star Times

I briefly caught the news this weekend ballyhooing the new state laws and regulations that became effective yesterday on September 1st. Of course, they didn't mention any of those that affect US.


Concealed handgun:
HB 2730 amends numerous provisions regarding concealed handgun licenses (CHLs), including eliminating student loan defaults as a disqualifier, to clarify that DPS must suspend or revoke a license when the licensee becomes ineligible and mandating that a magistrate suspend a CHL held by the subject of an emergency protective order.

HB 2664 provides a defense to prosecution if a concealed handgun license holder carries a concealed handgun into an establishment that gets 51 percent or more of its income from the sale of alcoholic beverages, but has failed to post the statutorily required notice that it derives 51 percent or more of its income from the sale of alcoholic beverages. (Under current law, a concealed handgun licensee can be charged with a Class A misdemeanor for doing this.)

HB 2730 removes DPS authority to suspend a concealed handgun license (CHL) for the holder’s failure to display the CHL to a peace officer on demand. It removes associated penalties and suspensions for the failure to display.

Read it all here:

God Bless Ya'll !

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