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Saturday, November 07, 2009

I am ashamed of this president - Again

Many years ago, when Sick Willie (AKA William Jefferson Clinton) was playng his games with Monica in the White House, a tailor I frequented asked an interesting question.

Weeks before, I had asked Mr. T when he had come to this country. Thus asked, he told me he was a former air force pilot 'way back - for Vietnam. He and his family had come to this country when we abandoned Vietnam, and his family, to the Communists and started over - as tailors.

"What do you think of our President?" he asked me one day. I replied "I am ashamed of this president."

Once again, I say "I am ashamed of this president."

A few minutes ago, I noticed a statement on Fox News Channel that former president George W. Bush and his wife visited Ft. Hood last night. Where is our current president? Hiding in Washington with his Marxist cronies.

The coward! He doesn't have the guts to face REAL Americans.

God Bless Ya'll !

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