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Friday, November 06, 2009

Personal Thought

I'm sitting here listening to the hype over the Fort Hood killings. Fox IS asking the questions of terrorism potential. So much for the "non-news" label. We gave up on CNN long ago. The other three national on-air networks weren't asking that question as of last night.

My family hasn't had ANYONE in military service since the War of Northern Aggression. SWMBO!'s dad was in service during the Korean Conflict.

Our hearts really go out to the victims and survivors. I can not fathom the depth of emotions they are experiencing.

Now that we know that the "alleged" perpetrator is still alive, I can only hope for a slow punishment phase. As Governor Perry, of the "sovereign State of Texas" just said on Fox -the "ultimate punishment"!

In other news . . .

The coffee pot just announced the coffee is ready for morning consumption. I'm sitting in the midst of half-unpacked boxes and temporarily (?) arranged furniture and no office - yet. SWMBO! has done a fantastic job and worked her %^* off getting the place to a livable state. The move was hard but went smoother than most Iweve done.

When you move, you find out just how many friends you do have! We didn't lose any friends in this move, but we did meet some new ones!

First there were the youth of St. Timothy's Anglican Church, Spring, Texas. Their leaders KristenD & NicholasG and the "kids" turned out that Saturday morning in force. They even brought donuts!!!!!!! ;>) Guys, MikeD & JimW from church showed up and out hustled the Eveready Bunny. A close neighbor packed, and packed and . . . and temporarily stored our boxes.

Other friends from church, Ralph & JeannieJ came several days before & helped us pack and pack and . . . Then they came back & loaded up. Whew! Long-time friends Erik & WandaC and Brian & JoyS contributed their bits. Our next-door neighbor, Tariq, offered his services, too!

Then there was Joe who moved in several months. Joe was always friendly when he walked his German Shepherd pooch past our snarling, slobbering attack couch dog. On his final pass by our place, Joe made the mistake of asking if we needed some help. hehe Suck-er! Joe was one of the "Eveready Bunnies" mentioned above.

Lastly mentioned, and first on the scene, was our son. He came down from Austin and almost single-handidly loaded the stored boxes on Friday night. Then he re-arranged the load to compact it for Saturday's push. SWMBO! crowned him as the original "Eveready Bunny". That boy made me tired, just watching him! ;>) Then there was Tom on the unload end of the trip! He matched #1 Son for effort and persistence!

ShawnaE and KellyC worked very hard to get us out of the truck and into the place.

It was almost like the Houston crew was geared up to get us out of town and the Austin crew welcomed us! ;>)

We thank our God and Savior for friends and family!

God Bless Ya'll !

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