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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Liberty and Mission

H/T: Titus 1:9

Kendall Harmon over at Titus 1:9 noted this from Catholic Archbishop Chaput, Denver, Colorado which he presented in Spisske Podhradie, Slovakia.  The address was titled "Living Within the Truth: Religious Liberty and Catholic Mission in the New Order of the World.":

Notwithstanding the chatter of the “new atheists” there is no risk that Christianity will ever be forced upon people anywhere in the West. The only “confessional states” in the world today are those ruled by Islamist or atheist dictatorships -- regimes that have rejected the Christian West’s belief in individual rights and the balance of powers.(Emphasis added - Gene)~~~

. . .  the second big lie by which we live today -- the lie that there is no unchanging truth.
In practice, however, we see that without a belief in fixed moral principles and transcendent truths, our political institutions and language become instruments in the service of a new barbarism. In the name of tolerance we come to tolerate the cruelest intolerance; respect for other cultures comes to dictate disparagement of our own; the teaching of “live and let live” justifies the strong living at the expense of the weak.(Emphasis added - Gene)
First, because abortion, too, is about living within the truth. The right to life is the foundation of every other human right. If that right is not inviolate, then no right can be guaranteed.
(Emphasis added - Gene)
Or to put it more bluntly: Homicide is homicide, no matter how small the victim. (Emphasis added - Gene)
If human rights do not come from God, then they devolve to the arbitrary conventions of men and women.  (Emphasis added - Gene)  The state exists to defend the rights of man and to promote his flourishing. The state can never be the source of those rights. When the state arrogates to itself that power, even a democracy can become totalitarian.
The Catholic beliefs that most deeply irritate the orthodoxies of the West are those concerning abortion, sexuality and the marriage of man and woman.  (Emphasis added - Gene)  This is no accident. These Christian beliefs express the truth about human fertility, meaning and destiny.
I usually don't pay much attention to Roman teachings.  I guess it's my Old Man (Southern Baptist, by way of charismatic, by way of Episcopalian, by way of Anglican!  [hehe]) coming out.  On the other hand, Archbishop Chaput's words struck several cords in my mind and my heart.

First of all, Liberty is founded on morality, the moral character of those liberated - by Christ.  Secondly, God-given rights are just that.  The "state" can no more permanently grant, or permanently withhold, them than it can "declare" peace without victory in the midst of armed conflict. 

Despots must fall.  Liberty will prevail because Jesus Christ will prevail.

God Bless Ya'll !

Blog Correction

Finally realized the "III" links at the bottom did not point to where they used to, nor to where I thought they should. Corrected things.

God Bless Ya'll !

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