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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Let's Require Americans to Vote -- Or Pay the Price

H/T: FoxNews

Check this out for "progressive" thought! KT McFarland's idea just might be the one we need to adopt to return our country to Constitutional rule - or chaos.  But wait, aren't we just about to chaos already?
That’s the dirty little secret of modern campaigns – it’s all about turnout ...

Every year fewer of us vote. Good candidates don’t want to stand for office, for fear the snarling pack of dogs will tear apart their families and their good names. We elect leaders that few of us like, or agree with, or admire. We have to hold our noses when we pull the voting lever.
What if everybody had to vote on election day, or pay a fine if they didn’t?
She got *MY* attention with that last comment.  What a novel thought!

Yeah, yeah.  I know it is my duty to vote, but since when did that stop anyone from shirking their duty?

We've had manipulators paying some of us to vote for ... forever.  Let's try the other side of the coin.  Do your duty or it hurts your wallet!

Come to think of it, let's go one step further.  Let's make not-doing-your-duty a public fact.  Assess the small fine Ms. McFarland has in mind AND publish the names of those that don't pay up.  Pay the fine:  "Nobody" knows.  Don't pay the fine:  "Everybody" knows.

Watch' ya' think?

God Bless Ya'll !

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