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Monday, February 28, 2011

H/T: Titus 1:9
Nestled near the end of the updates to the previous post, I noticed this "heart-warming" comment:
While a few hundred churches across the country have shut down or foreclosed as a result of the recession, Redeemer's case is rare.
Rare indeed!  A few hundred churches?!  IMNSHO the Episcopal Dioceses of Texas in their dealings with Redeemer and St. Mary's are follow in the footsteps of the national TEo until TEOTWAWKI

The TEo has repeatedly demonstrated its willingness to sue them all (re-asserters) and let God claim His own.  Their whole house is crumbling upon their false foundation of liberalism and their version of "tolerance" with no room for other opinions.  Intolerant tolerance?  Naw, they're too smart for that!  How do we know they're so smart?  They keep telling us so! Read more about TEo's behavior at Titus 1:9 and Stand Firm in Faith.

God Bless Ya'll !

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