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Friday, February 18, 2011

Random (More or Less) Thoughts

Hey!  I'm doing good to do any thinking today!  hehe
  1. The last time I tried posting here, it cost me a week in the hospital!  hehe  My mind was actually working back in October, so I keep telling myself.  A couple of days passed & I was composing another simply brilliant post for the Anglican Gun Nut readers.  Then my body decided I needed to experience the joys of sepsis (a blood infection).  Saturday, October 23rd, as I was composing my simply brilliant prose, the internal thermostat got bumped to incinerate and I checked into the ER with 101+ temperature. 

    It seems like my degree of simple brilliance and internal temperature are inversely related?  hehe.
  2. Sometimes the mind is like an old, unused, auto engine.  It's kinda hard to get it cranked up in the morning.  This is definitely one of those mornings.
  3. I was struck by a Facebook post that you see referenced above.   Consider it's implications with respect to our not-so-common "enemies".  Both Foreign and Domestic.
  4. I'm sitting here at my sons kitchen table pounding the plastic keys of my regenerated laptop.  I broke the screen late last year & it took a while to get the shekels together to have it fixed.  We're watching our grand-rugrat chase his bestest friend around the living room.

God Bless Ya'll !


Kevin said...

Welcome back Gene!

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