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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ARES* (and survival) Lessons to be learned from Japan Earthquake


A timely reminder brought to us by the good folks at QRZ.COM.
The news from Japan each day seems to get more and more devastating. Thousands without power, water, basic needs, shelter, clothing. Here in the USA, anyone who has had contact with Emergency Management in almost any way has been told time and again, Prepare yourself and your family for survival for 72 hours without assistance from ANYONE.

While most of us can not expect to be effected by a tsunami, more commonly we are hit with ice storms, heavy snowfall, tornadoes, and everyone's favorite, hurricanes.

In some fashion, if you live long enough, you WILL experience one of the aforementioned disasters. You may not be out of power for more than a day or three, but, an average of a week or more for the more larger storms is quite possible.
Prepare NOW or suffer more than necessary later.  Our choice.  We can learn life's hard lessons from the experience of others or we can lean them the hard way.  Our choice.

What have you done to prepare, today?

God Bless Ya'll !

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