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Monday, March 28, 2011

Spirit of Death Festival

H/T: Titus 1:9

QUESTION:  What do an Anglican (Church of England) cathedral and new age practice have in common?

When one adds fortune tellers, meditation experts, traditional healers and a fire-breathing vicar, one gets what Saul got when he visited the witch at Endor.

Saul wanted the spirit of Samuel not the Spirit of God.  God let him have it.

ANSWER:   Big Trouble.  With a capital "T"!

God will not tolerate us mocking His Name.  Somewhere, someday, somehow the CofE will pay for its sins. As we all must  Only Jesus can protect us sinners from the hands of a Angry God.  Just reading Edward's sermon makes my head, and my heart, hurt.

Let us not forget one simple fact:  Jesus paid it all.  Maybe the CofE Bishop of Manchester and his cronies will remember this before they've gone too far.

God Bless Ya'll !

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