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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why The Japanese Aren't Looting

Here are two articles from American Thinker concerning the lack of reported looting in the wake of the Japanase earthquake. Frankly, I had not considered this.
"Japanese people," he told me, "are like passengers on a cruise ship. They know that they are stuck with the same people around them for the foreseeable future, so they are polite, and behave in ways that don't make enemies, and keep everything on a friendly and gracious basis."
"Americans," he said, "are like ferryboat passengers. They know that at the end of a short voyage they will get off and may never see each other again. So if they push ahead of others to get off first, there are no real consequences to face. It is every man for himself."
... most contemporary Japanese have internalized a deep respect for private property,  ...
Cultural attributes seem to be at play here. I think if you wanted to find a reason, you could sum it up with one word; respect - deep, abiding respect for one another as well as another's property. This one attribute breeds a feeling of responsibility to society so that sacrificing one's immediate gratification for the good of the nation is a desired cultural trait that manifests itself in everyday life as well as when disaster strikes.
Could it work in America? Our traditions of personal liberty would probably preclude us from developing such solidarity, although in crisis, we seem to work pretty well together. Also, Japanese society is far more united and homogeneous which makes it easier to see society in that light.
We could do a better job if each of us felt more personally responsible for our actions. But there will always be a minority that will refuse to do that, which makes lawlessness in a disaster almost inevitable in America.

You know, I suspect somewhere in Japan there is looting and I suspect it may be under-reported, rather than over-reported as it would be elsewhere,  But, we could do a much better job than we have before.

Until then, keep your powder dry!  hehe

God Bless Ya'll !

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