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Friday, April 22, 2011

Belts & Suspenders II

Two years ago I purchased a type of new-to-me suspenders based on recommendations from users on various Internet forums.  Originally, I had planned on doing a follow-up near the first anniversary of the post.  

Life got in the way.  Little things.  Minor hiccups in health.  Like recovering from quad cardiac bypass.  No sweat.

Now, two years of hard, daily use have proven the worth of the Perry suspenders.  The plastic j-hooks work just as they did the day I received them in the mail.  Nothing has changed my opinions since that first review.  They're quality, strong and the hooks still slip off the belt when putting them on or off.  %$%*@!  Never have they slipped off during wearing.  They've carried 2+ lbs. of firearm and associated load, including the diminishing done-lopped-over mentioned in the previous post.

Perry Suspenders retain the Aggie Stamp of Approval(tm).

To Perry Suspenders:  
I'm still waiting for my first endorsement check!

God Bless Ya'll !

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