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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Canadian Healthcare Meltdown: Don’t Come to ER!

H/T: Transfigurations by way of First Things by way of London (Ontario, Canada) Free Press and here.

BHO wants us to believe he's so damned smart that he, and his socialist cronies, know how to change the best medical care delivery system (broken as it is) in the world. Just copy what "works" in Europe (particularly Great Britain) and Canada.

What happens when Great Britain's system denies care care to those who qualify for it and in fact die without it? People die, that's what happens!

What happens when Canada's system shows the cracks and strains from being badly designed and poorly operated? You get this:

For the third time in as many months, St. Joseph’s Hospital is restricting hours at its London urgent care centre because of a lack of doctors. (Emphasis added - Gene)

The hospital announced Friday it will continue temporary hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., seven days a week, until at least May 31.

“We don’t have a reliable source of qualified physicians that would allow us to extend the hours on a regular basis,” said Dr. Gillian Kernaghan, president of St. Joseph’s Health Care.


“We don’t have a reliable source of qualified physicians that would allow us to extend the hours on a regular basis,”


London’s hospitals have put a priority on staffing the city’s two emergency departments at University Hospital and Victoria Hospital. - 3/25/11

Or this:

"If you must come into the emergency department for treatment be prepared for longer waits and please bring only one additional individual with you if necessary," the LHSC said.

People with medical emergencies should phone 911 or go to their nearest emergency department. - 4/6/11 (Emphasis added - Gene)

Do I detect circular logic here? If you can't be seen in the ER, call 911 for a ride to that same ER or get your own katushka into the already overcrowded, understaffed ER! And that sage advice helps the critically ill patient how?

I think I understand the concept of triage.

The patient is categorized into one of three levels of qualification for treatment.
  1. Patient can be saved only by immediate effort.
  2. Patient can be saved if treated in reasonable time.
  3. Patient can not be saved. Provide palliative care (if available) only.
The practice of triage was developed on the battlefield to provide the most care to the most seriously wounded while possessing the least resources. It is brutal and heart-wrenching in practice. But necessary.

The people of Great Britain and Canada seem to be experiencing the final stages socialized medicine. Not enough qualified medical personnel to go around.

What's to be done? Do they revamp their system for one like ours? Or do they proceed up the next step of the socialist ladder to communism? You know, where the state determines both your needs and your contribution to the society commune.

As we saw in the USSR, the State attempted to determine who was able to become a physician and then provide them the necessary training. Later on, when those able failed to come forward in sufficient numbers, those fundamentally un-able were "trained" and set loose on the populace. People died. In our society, we still call those un-able to practice medicine quacks (incompetent if not out-right fraudulent).

Personal Note: These last twelve months have seen me into the doors of the local ER more often than in the previous six decades of my life. Some of my trips have been urgent and at least two were emergency trips. Any significant delay would have left my wife being comforted by my friends who would bring beer and pretzels and ... hehe

BTW, they're starting to recognize me at the triage station. Oy vey! The floor nurses also run when they see me coming!

God Bless Ya'll !

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