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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Senator would deny pro-lifers rights

H/T: Transfigurations

Another demon-rat shows his true colors, again. Lautenberg is known for his stand on gun control and other holier-than-thou and other -control issues. Here he hoists his colors for all to see.

The Democratic lawmaker made a controversial comment about pro-lifers in a recent pro-abortion demonstration at a New Jersey Planned Parenthood when he said: “They want other people not to be able to have their own opinions. They don't deserve the freedoms that are in the Constitution, but we'll give 'em to 'em anyway.”

IMNSHO, he ought not to be reprimanded but impeached. Lautenberg swore an oath to defend the Constitution of this country. By denying inalienable rights to the unborn and pro-lifers, he is actively destroying the foundation of this country. He can't give (or restrict!) to us what God has granted. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

God Bless Ya'll !

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Brigid said...

I was adopted right before Roe Vs. Wade. Had that law been in place a few years earlier, I would not be here.

When I got pregnant in college, I gave MY baby up for adoption. There are those that say "but it's a choice, why ruin your life". A choice. Yes, it is. The choice is when you have sex without adequate birthcontrol. NOT after conception.

Aggie said...


My mother was adopted under questionable circumstances. She certainly was an "unwanted" pregnancy. She was adopted into an otherwise childless second marriage. "Grandmother" and "Granddad" had no children of their own. He had two adopted sons from his first marriage.

If Roe had been in effect when I was born, I might have been aborted. My physical deformities would certainly show up on a modern sonogram.


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