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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Stupidity vs. Evil

Where can we draw the line between doing something that may be totally stupid and something that is intrinsically evil? I think the line between the Koran Burning Pastor and the Murdering Horde is a good example. If you're not a Progressive

Publically burning one's privately owned, non-stolen, copy of the Qur'an may (or may not) constitute, under selected circumstances, an act of stupidity.

However, killing somebody for burning it, or killing an associate of the burner for the deed, is an act of unspeakable evil.

Those who presume to equate Qur'an burning with the murder of Qur'an burners (or the murder of friends, families, associates or co-religionists of same) are effectively announcing that they personally lack the moral perspective and sound discernment to see the difference between stupid and evil. I suggest that such myopiacs are both stupid AND evil -- and that they provide a tailwind to both qualities in this fallen world.

Zeubulon goes to the say that Progressives need to be told that they are both stupid and evil. Truth does hurt.

It's a dirty job. Somebody has to do it.

God Bless Ya'll !

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