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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Unjust Old age

H/T: Transfigurations

Mark Steyn has very interesting thoughts concerning why the Japanese population is not in open revolt over the "oppression" from their combined disasters.

Most analysts overlooked the most obvious factor: Looting is a young man’s game, and the Japanese are too old.


Age is unjust. You’re in pretty good shape, you’re sharp as a tack, you have a comfortable life in a nice neighborhood — and then you slip on the ice in the last weeks of winter, and you never quite make a full recovery.

Age is unjust and totally fair. It comes to all of us fortunate enough to live through youth.

I was forcibly reminded of age's unjustness just yesterday.

Tobias The First (and the Last!) just had to be taken outside. To do his business. He's only about 45-50 pounds and I outweigh him by a factor of four. No problem, you Think?

Yeah. Real problem! He spotted an ankle biter walking a neighbor at range of 50 yards at my one o'clock. Knowing his proclivities somewhat, after 11 years of sharing our space supporting him. He bolted for the ankle biter. *I*, on the other hand, did not. He stretched his leash almost to the breaking point. When the leash gave out of stretch, my left arm began to take up the burden. My left arm stretched to full extension. Much of his remaining momentum was thus applied to rotating my upper torso to correspond to bearing one o'clock. Once the upper torso torqued to maximum torque, the lower torso followed suit. Such torquing overcame the coefficient of resistance previously established between the soles of my feet and the grassy yard we stood in. Net effect was that my body was pulled about 30 degrees out of plumb in the direction of the now retreating ankle biter.

One foot managed to completely break free of its coefficient of resistance and plant itself approximately under my center of gravity . The other foot managed to solidify its grip on the yard. Thus was the body kept upright instead of succumbing to the effects of irresistible force meeting "immovable" body.

Back in late October, SWMBO! found that Tobias the First almost put her in the hospital. Her feet failed to compensate for external forces applied by the Tobias entity.

Stock in ankle biters is trending upward! Tobias The Second may come in slightly reduced size.

God Bless Ya'll !

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