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Wednesday, June 08, 2011


H/T: The Survivalist Blog

MD  Creekmoore posted an interesting article I think most of us can use.  How many times do we get by surprised because we aren't aware of our environment?

I well remember exiting my car in a dark parking lot, hurrying to a meeting.  Just as I prepared to close my car door, I heard a voice right next to me.  My first thought was:  It really is too late to draw my firearm and fire!  He's right on top of me!  I swung around and my hands came up as though to block a blow.

Gary, a friend and associate, greeted me in a most friendly manner.  

Two lessons learned that night:
  • *I* learned:  ALWAYS be aware of your environment!
  • GARY learned: DO NOT sneak up on someone who might be armed!
Fortunately, all ended well.  No blows were struck, much less landed.  No firearms, or blades, were presented.  And yes, words were exchanged!  hehe

God Bless Ya'll !

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