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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Rational Lies

H/T: American Thinker

We humans tend to rationalize events in order to understand them and how they might impact us.  All too often, the word rationalize can be replaced by the phrase rational lies without significantly changing the meaning. 

Particularly in the case of our, Western society, approach to the Islamofication problem.  For most of us, we can think of the problem as one of an invader sending out spies and agents-of-influence.  The eco-nuts among us can think in terms of invasive species.  Either way, their goal is the same:  Conquest.

Amil Imani tells the other side of the story.
Rationalization, compounded by complacency and denial, can be deadly, particularly when the adversaries have different realities.
Most of us are willing to let our neighbors live and let live.  As long as they don't bother us too much.  As Imani writes: 
We'll get along.  If we have to, we'll even let them live by the Sharia -- their stone-age laws -- in our midst.  We'll be reasonable and they will come around.  We'll just have to get along.  So goes the line.

One problem: The other side doesn't think this way.  The Islamofascists don't believe in the notion of live and let live."  They believe that the earth is Allah's and it has been sullied by the heathens, the unbelievers and the kafir for far too long.  Now that they have the means, they aim to make the world to their design and bring about the final solution -- a nasty reminder of not too long ago Nazism.
Furthermore, don't bet on the "moderate" Muslims to act as a buffer or counter-weight against the radicals.  The moderates will act in their own best interest and appease and appease and then ultimately submit.  Just as our leadership has done already begun.  As the radicals have been saying for hundreds of years:  Submit or DIE!

Pacifists, much less pacifist Christians, have no chance.

Try to have a Bible study group or build a church in Saudi Arabia and discover the benevolence of Islamic rule.
 If a Muslim-ruled government "permits" freedom of worship, the locals vehemently oppose it.  For a non-Muslim example of such, check out the religious violence constantly reported from India.  Hindu against Christian.  Hindu against Muslim.  Etc.

When will it end?  I don't think it will end until Jesus Christ returns and establishes His reign on Earth.
God Bless Ya'll !

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