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Thursday, October 06, 2011

What Lies in Wait - Lessons in Self Defense

H/T: Brigid at Home on the Range

I just saw this over at HOTR and thought of the women in my life.  And the guys, too.  Ya'll read and take to heart.


God Bless Ya'll !

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tough Love

H/T: The Survivalist Blog

In a SHTF situation, what do we do with, or for, the elderly and disabled?

Good question.   No good answers.  What do we do with the elderly?  What do *I* do with myself (being of that ill-defined age and state of "elderly")?

With a smile we go forth.

God Bless Ya'll !

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to Handle a Crisis

H/T: Transfigurations

Found this yesterday and thought you might find it interesting.  It could 

According to Pat's info:
An extensive up-to-date first aid chapter has protocols for all common medical emergencies such as fractures, heart attacks, bites, amputations and poisonings, but also covers emergencies not normally found in civilian books such as blast injuries, childbirth, influenza and much more.
Hey, it's another tool in your tool belt!
God Bless Ya'll !

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Freedom in the 50 States-An Index of Personal and Economic Freedom

H/T: Transfigurations

Personal and financial freedom?  What is it worth to me?  To you?

These guys have measured, categorized and published their take on the subject.  I think you might find it very interesting to check out!!

For more information and the map shown on the video, go here.

How does your state rank?  eh?

God Bless Ya'll !

Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Ant and the Grasshopper

H/T: Good Friend BobL

Every once in a while someone sends me one of those horrible I-thought-it-was-cute-and-it-looks-just-like-you! emails that clutter our in-boxes.  Bob's submissions are almost always not in this class.  Here's his latest!

This one is a little different ......
Two Different Versions .....
Two Different Morals


The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his house and
laying up supplies for the winter.

The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.
Come winter, the ant is warm and well fed.
The grasshopper has no food or shelter,
so he dies out in the cold.


Be responsible for yourself!

The ant works hard in the withering heat and the rain all summer long, building his house
and laying up supplies for the winter.

The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.

Come winter, the shivering grasshopper calls a press conference and demands to know why the ant should be allowed to be warm and well fed while he is cold and starving.

show up to provide pictures of the shivering grasshopper next to a video of the ant in his comfortable home with
a table filled with food.
America is stunned by the sharp contrast.

How can this be, that in a country of such wealth, this poor grasshopper is
allowed to suffer so?

Kermit the Frog appears on Oprah
with the grasshopper and everybody cries when they sing, 'It's Not Easy Being Green..'

ACORN stages a demonstration in front of the ant's house where the news stations film the group singing, We shall overcome.

Then Rev. Jeremiah Wright
has the group kneel down to pray for the grasshopper's sake.

President Obama condemns the ant
and blames  President Bush, President Reagan, Christopher Columbus, and the Pope for the grasshopper's plight.

Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid  exclaim in an interview with Larry King that the ant has
gotten rich off the back of the grasshopper,
and both call for an immediate tax hike on the ant to make him pay his fair share.

Finally, the EEOC drafts the Economic Equity & Anti-Grasshopper Act
retroactive to the beginning of  the summer.

The ant is fined for failing to hire a proportionate number of green bugs and,
having  nothing left to  pay his retroactive
taxes, his home is confiscated by the  Government  Green Czar and given  to the grasshopper.

The story ends as we see the grasshopper and his free-loading  friends finishing up the last bits of the ant's food while the government house he is  in, which, as you recall, just happens to be the ant's old house, crumbles around them because the grasshopper doesn't  maintain it.

The ant has  disappeared in the snow,
never to be seen again.

The grasshopper  is found  dead in a drug related incident, and the house, now  abandoned, is taken over  by a gang of  spiders who terrorize and ramshackle, the once prosperous and peaceful, neighborhood.

The entire Nation collapses bringing the rest
of the free world with it.


Be careful how you vote in 2012

You may wish to pass this on to other ants, but don't bother sending it on to any grasshopper's because they wouldn't understand it, anyway.

God Bless Ya'll !

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


H/T: The Survivalist Blog

MD  Creekmoore posted an interesting article I think most of us can use.  How many times do we get by surprised because we aren't aware of our environment?

I well remember exiting my car in a dark parking lot, hurrying to a meeting.  Just as I prepared to close my car door, I heard a voice right next to me.  My first thought was:  It really is too late to draw my firearm and fire!  He's right on top of me!  I swung around and my hands came up as though to block a blow.

Gary, a friend and associate, greeted me in a most friendly manner.  

Two lessons learned that night:
  • *I* learned:  ALWAYS be aware of your environment!
  • GARY learned: DO NOT sneak up on someone who might be armed!
Fortunately, all ended well.  No blows were struck, much less landed.  No firearms, or blades, were presented.  And yes, words were exchanged!  hehe

God Bless Ya'll !

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